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Should the specified qualities apply to you, we expect your written application with CV and up-to-date references to:

Prüf- und Qualitätszentrum GmbH
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99610 Leubingen / Germany

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Calibration service department

We are seeking an employee with professional experience for the calibration service department to assist and expand the existing team. Tasks comprise the calibration of all types of measuring equipment, thread, temperature, pressure and torque.

The applicant should have the theoretical knowledge, appropriate standard knowledge etc. for the calibration sector. We are a DAkkS/DKD body and carry out measurement tasks in the laboratory at a high level of precision. S/he should be familiar with dealing with measurement accuracies at the µm and sub-µm level. As well as practical measuring, it is desirable for the new employee to be able to demonstrate previous knowledge from metal construction.

Trained toolmakers, process technicians or precision engineers are ideally suited to these tasks. Because of the relatively light weights of the measuring equipment, the jobs are also ideal for women.


EMC department

In the field of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility of electrical equipment and systems), we are looking for an employee to assist and expand the existing team. Are emitted interference measurements, interference resistance tests, burst, surge and ESD technical terms you deal with daily?

Tasks concern the field of development-attendant tests and problem-solving in order to optimise devices in compliance with the norms with the cooperation of the customers.

We seek employees who can offer previous knowledge in this area. An engineering degree is not mandatory, but is helpful. Employees can also have further training/be developed as EMC specialists in-house with us.


Dimension measurement department

We are looking for a member of staff with professional experience for our dimension measurement department. The applicant should have knowledge of dealing with dimension measurement equipment. Tasks principally involve initial sample testing and series measurements on parts, assemblies and forms.

The machinery to be operated and programmed as far as possible comprises Zeiss dimension measurement technology (3D technology) with the software programs Calypso, Holos and UMESS.
The high-precision measurement tasks to be carried out in the laboratory demand production and material knowhow on metals and plastics.
Job requirements:

  • previous knowledge of technical metal construction and plastics
  • practical exposure to measurement technology
  • programming skills
  • ability to work in a team