The company

STOCKMANN Prüf- und Qualitätszentrum GmbH is an independent owner-managed service company at the heart of Thuringia, at the heart of Germany.

As an industrial service provider, the Sömmerda company sees itself as a competence centre supporting a largely national clientele in all questions of quality.

Which is why we anchor these goals and contents firmly in our company name.

The variety of combinations and range of services of the individual fields are of direct benefit to our customers.

Our most important future task continues to be to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, to maintain their trust in our services and to further extend our range.

Why magenta?

With the founding / spinoff from a large concern in 1992, the question arose of a LOGO and suitable company colours. As blue and grey dominate in the metal industry, but STOCKMANN operates cross sector, something memorable had to be created.

Contemplating the ruby balls used in various fields in the appropriate light, „enlightenment“ came – magenta.

The colour magenta has been used with light grey and white/black according to application across the company and consistently as a recognition factor since 1992.