Calibration service ... In-house and DAkkS / DKD - calibrations

We offer you a complete inspection service for calibrating your measuring equipment.  

Calibration is done following measuring standards and equipment affiliated with the national measurement system.
We document the measured data and indicate the test status.

Mechanical measuring equipment: Measurement devices:
plug gauges coordinate measurement devices
thread ring gauges profile projectors
thread plug gauges dimension measuring instruments
gauge blocks
adjusting rings
vernier callipers
dial gauges
outside macrometers
dial indicators
work gauges
Electrical measuring devices: Torque wrenches:
multimeters anticlockwise and clockwise torque
ammeters, voltmeters
Temperature measurement instruments Balances Weights
Pressure gauges Manometer Shore hardness tester

Supplementing calibration, we also offer you a seamless system for test equipment monitoring.

This can be done online over our in-house portal "PMM-Online".
We also inspect self-produced dimension measuring equipment, special gauges and the like.

For this purpose, we have modern computerised measuring techniques including 3D measuring machines at our disposal.

Our services are supplemented by our taking on of:

  • transport
  • management
  • calibration  
  • cleaning
  • repair        
  • replacement

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