EMC testing up to 26 GHz

EMC stands for the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical devices, systems and equipment.
To this end, we offer you as service provider:

  • the implementation of tests to prove standard compliance according to EN, IEC, CISPR, DIN and VDE standards
  • EMC compliance tests
  • interference suppression of your devices and assurance of interference immunity through incorporable measures
  • inspection and rectifying of functional problems with devices, machines and systems caused by insufficient interference suppression and immunity
  • EMC measurements during development
  • filtering, shielding
  • EMC consulting, studies, analyses, concepts, planning, reports

Our EMC specialists are there to help and advise you in solving your EMC problems. We advise you on improvement with regard to emitted interference and interference immunity. We help you to select suitable EMC components and to design your products for EMC.

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